T2Parking allows users to buy time of parking fee into public or private parking spaces, from your cell phone, without need to go to local sales.

Its available at multiple platforms, the users can buy or reserve parking fee with SMS, phone call, USSD, web or mobile app.

For traffic inspectors simplifies his daily operations through a specific application in their smartphones, that allows inspect at real time.

For the fee-based parking concessionaire, offers monitoring information, online reports, inspection controls and controls money collection.

Fastly and easily we can implement the service contemplating the differing needs. The software provides sensors or cameras for the detection of free or busy spaces.

Smart cities are those that have and handle more information when making decisions. T2Parking can offer for your city many options to quantify areas to need more public or private parkings.



Users ​

T2Parking is your best ally when the time comes for you to park. Offers differents methods to buy and pay without need to go to local sales. It´s possible to buy with SMS, phone call, USSD, web or mobile app.

Offers an extra alarm service that warns you some minutes before your time is up so that you can extend the length of time purchased or leave and in this way avoid penalties.

If your choice is private parking, you will only need to select your destination and you will be able to see on your device the different parking options adhered to the system and the spaces each one has available.

What else does T2Parking offer?
Constant updates.
Option to personalize the application.
Selection of country ,city and method of payment.


Private Parking

We provide advice on the management of methods of payment and information of the existing demand so that companies can work with differential rates as a marketing strategy.

We install sensors that will enable the user to locate the parking lot in the app and to verify the available spaces in it.

We offer the company the possibility of personalizing the application with its logo and distinctive colours.

Public Parking

The system offers monitoring information, online reports, inspection controls, controls money collection and monitoring over traffic inspectors. Management of different payment methods and rates.

We control the automobile movement within the parking lot – we know which spaces are more congested and which are not, which enables us to provide useful information to detect new needs in the sector.


Traffic inspectors

Traffic inspectors have an specific application in their smartphones, that allows to keying in the license plate number of any vehicle to have at real time the completion time of the hired parking fee.

If the Inspector detects some vehicle in infraction, by geolocation he can registers and inform the towing the exact location of the infringing vehicle including photo and other information, to be able to apply the corresponding sanction.

To the Towing´s we provide tablets, that allows view where are the infringing vehicles that which must be withdrawn.

To the head of Inspectors is provided a web app that allows to see in the map the exactly location of inspectors, the routes and fines applied.


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