It is a family of products and technologies developed to facilitate the interaction between people and computers.

T2Video is a remarkable step in the communication between people and systems. Its main virtue is the friendly interaction with people through the use of animated characters with gestures of the highest quality. This process is executed in real time.

We can define it as an interactive interface for general purposes applied to information systems.

T2Video offers a wide configuration that enables it to adapt to different application environments.


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T2Video is a new user interface paradigm that allows us to dialogue and interact with computer systems through animated characters in real time. The animated characters offer the user certain information, ask a question and offer alternatives to choose from. They are shown through a device that can process images in movement and sound. What these characters express (words, gestures, signs, and so on), the way they move and their environment are determined by the information systems that use T2Video as an interface when interacting with the user.

Predefined animated characters are generated. Their distinctive gestures are the result of artistic work and can be altered to emulate people of any age, race, gender or even to represent non-human animation figures.

T2Video has an emotion control component, that allows to manage the verbal and gestural language of the characters.

T2Video generate the animation and sound of dialogs (in real time), as well as the emotional moods and other movements of animated character that communicate with users. Is possible to interact with character through voice, movements, keyboards and others. With the information provided by user, T2Video connects with the company systems, obtaining from these the correct answers and offering them to users, like if they are talking with another person.


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A terminal or kiosk is a stationary device able to show the images and the audio as well as to receive the actions of the user through presence detection, the use of the keyboard or buttons, human voice recognition or the interpretation of body language.

The sequence of the dialogue between the user and the character, the configuration of the screens and the locutions or spoken messages of the system are programmable.


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In this modality T2Video can be used by those companies who wish to generate videos aimed at third parties (clients, users, partners). The videos generated in this manner are developed in an artistic environment and utilize pre-determined animated characters on a stage.

The company that creates the video chooses the character and determines what it says, does and the expressions it uses.

A practical application is the modality “SMS to Video”. Here the user sends a text message on the cellular net (SMS) to a specific number. Through the content of this text message the number of the cellular service of the intended receipient is determined, as well as the situation and environment for a video to be generated. The generated video will contain parts that are common to all videos created in the same situation and variable parts that are selected by the sender. These variable parts are processed to apply lip sync, emotion, etc. The receipient will receive an SMS with a link and a password to see the video on a website


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It controls the video generated in real time from different programming languages of different sofware applications.

The generated videos can appear embedded in web pages for Internet sites.

The video may occupy from a rectangle in the screen to the whole of it. The size, content and execution sequence are configurated in accordance with the instructions of the programmer who uses the programming language of his choice.

In this way an application can include the benefits of the T2Video interface with no need of complex integrations. The programmer of the application perceives a unique and highly operative environment with the language of programming that best adapts to their project.


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T2Video Cognitive is a T2Video product strategy for T2Company. We are now working to make computers look and interact more like people within the relationship user-computer while the largest companies in the world aim to make computers think like people. This makes our work and that of other IT companies complement each other naturally. We are together creating products that improve the experience of the user.

There are three fundamental characteristics that stand out in this technology:


Characteristic: The programmer can manage feelings, sadness, joy and laughter.
Consequence: The character has feelings, looks like a person and can adapt every answer to the emotions the programmer wishes to transmit.


Characteristic: The character is fully bodied. We see a complete character – when only the upper half of its body is shown it is because a close-up is intentionally being sought.
Consequence: As we use the full body, this body interacts with us on the computer but if we have hologram projection technologies we can use the same holographic character to interact with it instead of using a computer.


Characteristic: The character moves in space. We can therefore have on the computer the character walking forwards, backwards and we can control it within the space – for example, walk ten steps forward, turn, sit and stand.
Consequence: As we can control the character in space, we can also have all the necessary information to control a human robot. We could tell this robot to behave in the same way we are ordering the character to behave. Consequently, we can make this robot walk forwards, backwards and make it do the same things the character does in its virtual space. This enables us to have a virtual environment of prototypification of robot-humanoide programming which we will then export to the humanoid robot. We can in turn put robot humanoide programming in the hands of any programmer that has a computer – we will not need to have a humanoid robot to develop a solution for this robot.



It is difficult for young children to communicate with their doctor and tell an adult they do not know what is happening or how they are feeling. Now, through an animated character such as Mickey Mouse they can speak. Behind Mickey Mouse is Watson and behind Watson is the doctor asking the child questions.


Students learn at their own pace meeting their own individual needs. Watson enables us to know how quickly a child can learn and to adapt the message to a given child’s pace of learning. With Watson we can adapt educational programmes to the speed of learning of individual children. What do we do? We provide the interface, the teacher – his face, emotions and expressions – and we use Watson as cognitive technology to adapt education plans to different subjects, like Maths, History, Physics, to name but a few.


The client enters the real estate website and is welcomed by Clara who invites him to put on his 3D glasses and then choose the preferred area and type of housing. After a choice is made, he gets on a car and drives to the building in question, gets off the car and walks to the door, takes an elevator if it is an apartment building and walks around as a real person would. At the same time he hears about the different services and facilities provided, the view from the windows and other features.

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With SMS2Video we can personalize your videos with characters of your preference and send to the chosen recipient.

Congratulate some friend for your birthday, make a fun invitation, or wherever you want.


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